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      A "Pear"fect Way To Reimagine A Wedding Set

      A "Pear"fect Way To Reimagine A Wedding Set

      When it's time to reimagine a wedding set you can come up with spectacular results! Just like this incredible vintage inspired double pear shaped halo ring!

      To set the scene here's a before snap shot of the wedding rings we used to create this Masterpiece!

      This wedding set was proving to just not be what the bride was looking for in her day to day jewelry wardrobe for function, or visual effect! Which meant it was time to restyle it into something Grand!

      After sitting down with the couple I quickly realized how unbelievably unique this redesign was going to turn out! With the concept of taking the Square Princess Cut Diamond in the center and turning it on a 45 degree angle and accenting it with an outspoken pear shaped double halo the ring was quickly taking shape! Of course after meticulously detailing the beautiful under gallery to feature more of her diamonds and planning out the hand carved details to accent the ring the ideas where set!

      Cue the 3D Printer for the next step!

      After we 3D Printed out the wax and it was tried on for a full visual look over we knew we had a winner! Into production we went and after a few short weeks we are left with an absolutely unique ring that suits both the Style and the Function the Couple where looking for. Featuring an array of different design aspects that all tie together to give a breathtaking result!

      Reimagining this Traditional Wedding Set Into A Truly "Pear"fect New Ring Gave These Diamonds A #SecondChanceToShine

      A Tribute To Grandma

      A Tribute To Grandma

      Restyling a ring has a different meaning to every individual. This project was particularly special to the engaged couple we worked on it for! Their Grandmother's Wedding Set was used to create a gorgeous wedding band to compliment the Bride's already stunning engagement ring, so on their wedding day she would have a special piece of family history with her! We used the Diamonds from the Grandmother's Ring and created a Wedding band concept to match flawlessly with her floral vintage flavor engagement ring. Once completed with the design, we 3D Printed a wax mold to help illustrate how and where Grandma's diamonds would be displayed and how the design style would compliment her Engagement Ring. When we finished the Band, the result couldn't have been more perfect! An incredible Floral Vintage Wedding Band Done Perfectly to accent her engagement ring. Now She will be able to carry forward with her, a special piece of family history, to wear everyday as this couple begins their journey in life together!

        This is the Diamonds #SecondChanceToShine